Our vision of what an organization should be is to “trust experts, entrust them with their roles, and work as a team to achieve results in pursuit of the goal.

In order to share our strengths, have our weaknesses compensated, and carry out projects as a strong team, we need specialized partners for each area. The number of projects is increasing and we are still looking for more specialists.

Recruiting Specialist

  • Expert in selling to overseas companies and obtaining contracts for new products to be sold in Japan.
  • Expert in the area of advertising and promotion to attract potential crowdfunding customers.
  • Expert in shooting product images that sell and producing promotional videos that motivate people to buy.
  • Product designers who can think of functions and designs that solve customers’ problems.

For wholesale and retail companies

Our strength lies in our ability to bring to Japan attractive overseas products that are in line with Japanese tastes and have not yet been released in Japan. As the exclusive distributor in Japan, we will carry out responsible sales activities. To this end, we value our relationships with companies that have distribution systems that connect directly with consumers.

We conduct our transactions with the aim of building long-term relationships of trust. We seek mutual respect for people, companies, and products, and cannot agree to do business with those who lack such respect.

We look forward to hearing from wholesalers and retailers who are looking for attractive products.