Crowdfunding is beginning to permeate the world. We were quick to recognize the potential of crowdfunding and its ability to solve problems, and have incorporated it into our business. We are now proposing solutions that utilize the know-how we have gained through this process to help our clients solve their problems.

What is Crowdfunding?


Crowdfunding is known as “donation” or “fundraising”, but in essence it is “test marketing”. It can be used to test how your new product or service will be received by the world. Many companies carry a large amount of inventory when they launch a new product to the world, thus taking on a huge amount of bad inventory risk. Many investments in new product development in Japan end up in “research” and very few end up in “launch”. Crowdfunding allows for “test marketing” without the inventory risk. This accelerates the proactive research and development of companies. Crowdfunding is also effective in the evaluation of financial institutions. Financial institutions are cautious about lending to new product development without a track record. Therefore, crowdfunding can directly communicate the potential of a new product by providing a track record. Crowdfunding is also an indispensable strategic method for corporate fundraising. We will support our partner companies to succeed in their challenges based on our extensive crowdfunding experience.

Crowdfunding Achievements

Multi-tool 30-in-1 ultra-light card type PockeTool2.0

ATOWAK, a self-winding mechanical wristwatch with tachometer

Sauberair, an air purifier that doubles as an art frame

Sculptor, a Mobile Display with Impressive Visual Beauty

Ai-equipped security camera that requires no wiring [Sticker-Eye]

Adult wireless earphones that stimulate the sense of hearing and “touch” [ZIP20].

Promotional Plans


In order for foreign companies to enter the Japanese market, they need to have an understanding of the Japanese market and the Japanese people. Many foreign companies find the language difficult. In addition, the unique sensitivity of the Japanese people and their high expectations for quality are major challenges for expansion. We propose the following marketing plan that takes into account the sensibilities and values of the Japanese people and utilizes a good balance between digital and real.

    BtoC Online Sales
    BtoB Exhibition Sales